Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pops!

This past weekend, we kidnapped Pops for his birthday and took him to Smith Mountain Lake.  He was so excited and we were too! We couldn't wait for this four day excursion.  This lake house is owned by my aunt and uncle, and they were so gracious not only to let us use it but got it ready for us on very late notice.  Dad was the only one that had my aunt's phone number and he was in Disney the week prior to our trip...if I were a better detective/planner things would've been a little less stressful. Especially since when I finally did get her number off his phone, we were staying with my dad for the next few days and there was no place to escape him to call her! Well, everything was well worth it! It was so beautiful traveling west across the state.  The trees were brilliant colors. I miss the mountains! We took the opportunity to try to take our Christmas card picture while we were there and got a few more precious pictures too! Carson was not that helpful during our photo session, but we still were able to get a few good ones:)

Pops just came back from Disney and bought Carson all sorts of stuff

We were all able to get some much needed rest, but Carson won the award for the biggest sleepyhead!

My aunt, uncle, and cousin came up to celebrate dad's birthday by taking us to the marina for dinner!  My aunt and uncle were relentless in hinting that they would like a grandbaby soon...sorry Jonathan!

Tuckered out from picture taking
Ahhh so precious! I can't get over this sight! Although, it reminds me of Mayberry...

One contender for the Christmas card

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPS!! We loved celebrating YOU!  You are an amazing dad and "pops!"  Thank you for loving us all so much! You breed champions because you are just so awesome:)

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