Sunday, December 4, 2011

Date Night!

Carson's 13 week birthday celebration didn't include him. Although we love our little man to pieces we needed some time for the two of us. I was excited for an occasion to wear more than sweats and a T-shirt with spit up on it.  AND I finally am fitting back into my clothes! We went to a very nice restaurant called The Vintage Tavern.  It was beautiful and lodge like inside.  So cozy!  Jeff commented almost halfway through the dinner that we were able to talk about other things other than Carson for about 45 minutes.  Oh, how our lives have changed with this little man! It was so nice to just sit and be and not have to feed him while we're trying to eat dinner.  We would love to try to go out just the two of us at least once a month.  A great thing was that I didn't feel guilty at all for leaving him.  One, I knew he was in good hands with Pops!  And secondly, I crave alone time with my husband.  It has been an adjustment for everyone with me staying at home with C-man and Jeff starting a new position and working some longer hours.  I believe we are better parents when we take time to spend on our marriage.  I am so grateful for my husband.  He is an amazing man and a wonderful father.  I can't get enough of both our family time and "mommy and daddy time."

Vintage Tavern in Suffolk

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Traditions

This post somehow was deleted three times! Since I don't have that much time to write and I was thoroughly annoyed that I had to keep writing the same things over, I just left it for a while.  Fourth time's a charm, right? Determined to post before Christmas!

This is the second Thanksgiving in our house and our fourth married Thanksgiving, so we are starting to form patterns for the holidays.  These patterns somewhere along the way are then deemed traditions.  Our new little family has just a few traditions that happen around Thanksgiving.  First, we watch Elf while decorating our Christmas tree!  Watching Elf is the start to the holiday season!
"Buddy the Elf!  What's your favorite color?"
Hubs has a specific way of putting the lights on the tree, so I let him to that and I am in charge of "fluffing" our fake branches.

Maverick then does his part and takes off the bottom third of the decorations

Hubs love decorating the outside too, which is wonderful because usually it's cold outside= no fun.
Our next "tradition" that was started last year was that we hosted Thanksgiving at our house for both our families.  Everyone brings a little something and we FEAST! I was a little frazzled having been sick the week leading up to Thanksgiving, trying to clean the house and prepare four guest rooms.  Guess my sleep deprivation is to blame for zesting a grapefruit into the cranberry sauce instead of an orange! We had so much fun with all of the family (missing Aunt Sharon and Megs!).  Looks like this tradition is here to stay!

This was their pregame:)

My centerpieces were inspired from a DIY off Pinterest.  Cranberries and floating candles!

That Carson!  He's such a talker!

Finally got to meet Aunt Peggy!