Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No boring breakfast!

I love love love FRENCH TOAST!  And what could be better than STUFFED FRENCH TOAST??  I had made Emeril's recipe before and BAM! it was so good!!  Our guests loved it!  We served it with fresh fruit and it was perfect! However, this morning I really wanted some stuffed french toast. Since I didn't foresee this craving, I used what ingredients I had on hand- and made single serving:)  I used whole wheat bread in place of brioche, neufetel cheese (softened) in place of mascarpone, and some orange juice instead of a real orange.  I also used apricot preserves in the middle.  I think you can use anything you want like apple, blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry! Yum! I think it's so good and moist that you don't even need syrup! Hope you enjoy!!
No time for making it fancy! It was gone in minutes!

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