Friday, November 18, 2011

Growing Pains

So the last week and a half have been quite the adventure.  I have said since Carson was born that he was going through growth spurts because of how much he ate.  These past few days I'm convinced was an actual growth spurt.  Carson had been having at least one four to five hour stretch of sleep at night between feedings and then would wake up every two hours after that to eat.  These past few days he was waking up less than every two hours to eat.  Shoot me.  Then he would be wide awake at 6am.  He also wasn't taking naps during the day except for two 30 minute naps.  He was so overly tired at night that he was impossible to get to sleep.  Both of us were so exhausted.  Needless to say that I have been a mommy zombie surprising myself at how well I have continued to function under these circumstances.  

Over the weekend, we had gone to Richmond because part of my dad's birthday present was to go to the UVA-Duke football game with the boys; my brother, husband and father-in-law.  When we were in Richmond, I got to catch up with two friends I hadn't seen in a long time and they got to meet little man!  Kate, Charlie (husband), and Charlie (K9) moved back to the east coast! YAY!  Kate came and spent some of the day hanging out.  I was stumbling over words and hoping that Carson would keep it together for the little while Kate was there.  (So sad I forgot to take a picture with Kate!) Thankfully he did well, then it was off to Panera to meet one of the matrons of honor in my wedding, Jen!  Her family had moved to NY, so I haven't seen her in a while.  She has got to be one of my favorite mommy friends and was so helpful just for listening to me blab.  Thanks for the empathy! She is expecting her second child, Landon! So excited for her growing family!  She is an amazing mother! Carson went off the deep end and I ended up having to hold him the entire time we were there.  He fell asleep in my arms after a while and I dared not move! My back and arms hurt (He's 17lbs!), but my child was sleeping! Hooray!  Jen had to feed me part of the brownie I ordered (Hey, desperate times calls for comfort food!) because I couldn't move.  It was such a great time with her.  She is truly a heart friend.  That evening, it was me and MIL hangout time.  We got subs and SWEET FROGS!!  I loaded that frozen yogurt up! Soo yummy!  Just what this pooped out momma needed.  The rest of our time in Richmond was wonderful with Jeff's family.  They love Carson so much!  

Guess what?! I think the growth spurting is over!  Halleluia! Carson has slept for just over three hours at a time now and has been taking one good 2-3 hour nap during the day! This development happened Wednesday night after having five attempts at putting him to bed!  I am glad my baby is healthy...although I am not looking forward to the next growing pains!  I am still wondering why other babies his age are sleeping through the night and he isn't...

Jen and baby Landon!  Carson is sleepy from just eating:)

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