Friday, February 24, 2012

Worth the wait

As I was driving around town waiting for Carson, the teething baby, to fall asleep, I thought about one of the worst times I just had to wait.  I think most mothers can agree that the four weeks in between your OB appointments in your first few months of pregnancy is rough.  I lived for those appointments, just to hear the heartbeat and know that my baby was doing okay.  During those few months, you cannot feel your baby move, so you are just praying like crazy for that little one.  I remember being so restless and anxious in between appointments.  I also remember time and time again, God was telling me just to be still and trust in Him.  

I feel like that is what Sarah and Abraham experienced while they were waiting for God to fulfill His promise to them.  God told Abraham that he would make him the father of a nation, but Abraham didn't even have any children.  After so many years of not producing children, let alone sons, Sarah had to be devastated- without hope.  Then after God told Abraham that he would have descendants  as numerous as the stars, did Sarah dare get her hopes up that she might have a child?  She decided to help God along, and in her impatience she gave her servant to Abraham to sleep with so they would have an heir.  If she had only waited.  Waiting is so hard sometimes.  I believe that in the waiting God has some of the greatest things to teach us about Himself.  I had to learn that no matter what was happening with Carson, God told me to be still and know that He is God.  Sarah needed to trust that too, even though her age (90!) and barrenness her whole life left her hopeless. Even though sometimes the wait seems unbearable, I thank the Lord for times of waiting.  During those times, I feel so close to our Creator.

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