Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five months, Baby!

Carson, time is going by so fast!  You started this month by getting your two front teeth in and now you are flipping back and forth from your front to your back!  You started making new faces, and your personality is really coming through. You laugh so much when we throw you in the air.  You talk to yourself a lot, especially when you are riding in your carseat.  Peek-a-boo is one of your favorite games.  Your hair is getting thick.  Today, you waited until it was quiet and let out a whole lot of gas at church and everyone that heard couldn't help but laugh.  Everyday I look at you and feel such joy.  I get a sense of how our Father delights in us, and I truly delight in you, my baby.  We love you so much!

I love that smile!  You are such a happy baby!

You are still not a huge fan of baths, but you are starting to splash around!  My chunky baby!

As much as I love your face, I love this sight!  I love watching you play and learn.  I also love that little bald spot on the back of your head!

My boys in their plaid!  Just like daddy! So handsome!

You like to practice walking!

You love giving Mommy lots of kisses!

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