Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Captions

 Christmas with a little one is so much fun!  We are so excited to start our own family traditions with Carson, but this Christmas we decided to spend one last Christmas in Richmond at our parents' houses.  Carson saw more friends and family than I think we did!  So much love!  Our Christmas was filled with family and friend time, lots of food and more food, and a gratefulness for all that we have.
Christmas Eve, Jeff's parents have a Christmas party for friends and family.  We loved that Jeb and Rachel, our friends who recently moved to Charlotte, could visit with us for a little while!  I so miss them being in Hampton Roads!

Carson put himself under the Christmas tree!  BEST. PRESENT. EVER!

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Carson had the biggest piles of presents out of everyone...but guess what he liked the most?  Wrapping paper:)
Me and my little elf on Christmas morning at my dad's!

One of the best things about this break was that we got to rest and relax as a family

Carson loves his Uncle Johnny!  My bro moved to a new apartment, so we got to go visit.  I love Richmond and all its character.

Happy boy in his new toys!  He loves being able to play upright!

Can't get enough of that smile!
Bethany, one of my all-time favorite people, drove down to meet Carson!
Beth was one of my housemates in college and maid of honor.  I am rooting for California to give her back to the east coast!
Uncle Johnny got Carson a Mickey suit!

So high!

Our little family by the tree!
Our Christmas card/birth announcement!

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