Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane Irene blew in Baby Carson!

 Baby Carson Michael is finally here!  Of course he had to arrive just in time for the hurricane!  At 3am on Saturday, August 27th, we headed for the hospital just as the rain and wind started.  We were concerned that they would close the bridge before we crossed it to get to the hospital but that didn't happen until a few hours later- just made it! Only 24 hours after real contractions started in a hospital on back-up power, he was born at 10:52pm.  What a big boy too! Carson was 9lbs 4oz and 22in long.  Who knew such a big boy was in me!  We are loving our little family so much!  He is so precious and makes the greatest faces! Here are a few pictures of his first week!
Proud parents on Sunday morning
We had lots of visitors on Sunday to welcome Carson into the world!

Going home!

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  1. He's beautiful! So glad to hear he made it safely. Good job Kelly! (and Jeff).
    amy (and mark)